Privacy Policy in Amal Al Ghad for E-Marketing
• Amal Al-Ghad for e-marketing respects the privacy of your information, and will never sell or leak your personal information to any other party except with your prior permission or for purely legal purposes.
• The user is fully responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of his password and data. The user should be careful about the information he discloses, if the user voluntarily discloses any information about himself (eg on message boards, or via e-mail), other users may see and use it.
• The Amal Al-Ghad website represented by its technical support, i.e. any member of the Amal Al-Ghad team, will never ask you for your information such as a password.
• Please change your password from time to time.
• In the event of any changes in the policy adopted by Amal Al-Ghad for e-marketing regarding the privacy of information, these changes will be published on the site for users to see.
• The account holder from whom the message is sent shall bear any legal consequences as a result of sending messages that violate the general conditions.
• Amal Al-Ghad website has the right to change any item or add any new item to the agreement policy without prior permission.
• The Amal Al-Ghad website has the right to close any account that violates the general conditions and privacy policy of the Amal Al-Ghad website without prior notice and also without any financial compensation to the account holder, and this is done in several cases, including.

1) Sending suspicious messages or containing obscene or immoral words.
2) Sending messages that violate the laws and policies of the state.
3) Messages that violate the regulations of the Information and Communications Technology Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.